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Thread: In need of a holster.......

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    Default In need of a holster.......

    I just bought a Glock 21 (.45 auto), I am looking for a shoulder holster for this pistol that also has 2 extra pockets to hold extra clips. Anyone know of any good models?

    Thanks Curt

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    If you're not looking for a speed draw the uncle mikes work fine. After those the leather rigs are a lot more refined but you pay for it. If you want one for CC I would spend the extra money. When I was younger and poorer I stuck with the cheaper stuff. After trying leather out I've become quite addicted.

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    Default Ideas - Holsters

    I have a rig from Triple K for both my 9mm and my 45. They are leather with a pouch for two clips. Have had the 9mm one for 12 years and while it has some nicks it functions like the day I got it. Hangs well and works well for cross draw. But lately I have gone to just sticking the guns under my belt on my left hip. I always carry cross draw - a habit formed by using shoulder rigs. Less weight actually conceals better for the months when its too warm to wear a coat or jacket a long shirt or heavy T-shirt covers the gun nicely. I also have Uncle Mike rigs- don't like them for carry but do like them for my hunting pistol.
    I'm thinking of a new holster for my Ruger Super Red Hawk and have seen postings on this forum about several guys in AK that make real nice looking leather rigs- you might want to search the forum and check them out.

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    Cool G-21 holsters

    You may want to check these guys out. It is a very small business, and he's busy. But you'll get the holster the way YOU want it.

    Be sure and ask for different than what you see, he can make holsters in about any configuration.
    No, I don't have any affiliation to these folks. I was talking to them awhile back for a Glock 23 holster, but never did follow up. I still want one of these.


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