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Thread: Spring bears and weather

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    Thumbs up Spring bears and weather

    How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

    It started raining in NW Alaska yesterday and the temps are in the 40ís today. There is melt water everywhere and the bears are going to get wet quick. I talked to a friend down in Teller today who said the bears started popping out a few days ago and the wet conditions will increase that rate of emerging animals who will all find food very hard to get with the huge snow fall amounts that we still have on the ground up here. Griz hunters will most likely find plenty of bears up near the Aggie and Elli River starting this weekend. I hope to get out and take a look but the over-flow will be tough for sure.

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    Anchorage is 40 degrees and cloudy. I saw a dozen geese yesterday, so spring is here.
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    The huge amount of snow might just help the bears get moose. Little early for bears to be "popping" out. 1 or 2, but wouldn't depend on many being out yet. Show us some pics walt!
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    Default northeast interior...

    Overcast, +40, light rain here in the upper-Yukon area. Ugly spring day. Very low snowfall here this winter and it will go quickly once it warms up. Still hoping for more spring mushing, river ice is quite thick yet and not much overflow to speak of (yet). Snow buntings and crossbills been here now for about a week. Ravens are nesting.

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    Default First Bear Out

    I just seen my first Brown Bear of the season on a flight yesterday out of Anchorage. He was standing in front of his den and from his tracks it doesnt look like he has ventured very far away yet.

    The best part is that he is accessible so I might be going after him this weekend.


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