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Thread: Bow Question?

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    Default Bow Question?

    Im looking at getting a used Diamond Liberty or Bowtech Patriot, is anyone currently shooting either of these bows?
    Which is better?
    What kind of speeds are you getting out of them?

    I will be shooting 60lbs with a 29 inch draw.

    Thanks in advance for the inputs.

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    Default diamond versus patriot

    The Patriot was/is one of Bowtech's great hunting bows. The last year it was made was 2004, the first year was 2002. The dual cam model was really fast, and the single cam model was not quite as fast as the later binary cam but will still be faster than the Diamond Liberty. The Liberty came out as a Bowtech and was one of three models that used the Freedom cam. When Bowtech came out with their binary cam models 2005, they pushed all of their single cam models into the Diamond line, with some slight changes.

    The Freedom cam is a super smooth drawing cam. That was their selling point. However, in order to get such a smooth draw they had to sacrifice a fair amount of speed. So if smooth draw is most important to you, you'll like the Liberty. However the Patriot never felt all that harsh to me, and it shoots a good bit faster. Personally, if I were given the choice I would choose the Patriot. Furthermore, since all the bowtech Patriots are a few years old you should be able to pick it up pretty cheap. I wouldn't pay much over $300 for a bare 2004 Patriot. Anything more than that, you should be able to beat it by shopping EBay or ArcheryTalk.

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    Check out this thread:

    Brian M spent a looooong time in considering his purchase and there is a lot of good advice in that thread about picking a bow. Ultimately it comes down to this - nobody here can tell you what is the "right bow" for you, or "the best bow." We can only tell you what we like/don't like about certain bows, but what I like will probably be different than what you like/don't like. My first set of advice in looking for a bow would be go to a bow shop and start shooting anything and everything they've got rather than looking for a canned answer here online.

    You asked whether anyone here is shooting either of these bows. My question to you is ---> are YOU shooting either of these bows? Because that is where you will really find the answer.

    Good luck.

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    jmg, good advice.
    I wished I read this thread before hounding some of my area advice experts on bows.

    I think that I have pretty much decided on what I really want.
    Whatever gets me my certification and a bow that gets that meat in the freezer is one I am looking towards.

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    I just purchased a new '07 Diamond Liberty. It's actually sitting down at the post office right now waiting for me to pick it up. Didn't get home from work before the post office closed tonight. Ohhh, the agony of waiting one more day.... I'll let ya know how it shoots when I get a chance to try it out this weekend.

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    Default Two

    I have two BowTechs. A Pro40 Dually and a Constitution. Both are great bows. P40 is a little short when the cams kick over if you creep forward. The Constitution is more forgiving and has 80% let-off.

    BowTechs are fine by me.

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    Default Patriot

    I picked the '02 up at Full Draw right before they closed up shop (29" 68lbs). Clocked it a Backcountry a couple of years ago and I was 310'ish FPS but can't be certain. That was when I was all about beating my Matthews bros in speed!!!

    Like everyone else has stated. Try all brands, search the web, PM, etc. before going dropping the coin.



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