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    Default Scent control

    OK Guys --- How important is personal scent control (when hunting bear at a bait station) to you. Also--- What about bug spray odor. In Canada last year they made a big issue of scent control and then covered themselves in Deet sprays. Also covered hunting clothes in pyrethrins.
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    Default couple ideas

    Cover spray on your boot soles. We've had bears cross our path and blow the country before. If you can roost in a spruce tree, its great, as that will cover your own scent very well. Whenever I bring bait to the site, I take a leak nearby and spray bug dope near the bait. I also have a couple old sacrificial tee shirts that I wear in to the bait, then hang nearby. I want them to be used to my scent, so if a stray whiff or two hits one he won't be alarmed. Hang lots of nice smelly anice and vanilla wicks around the station.

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    Default Use bug spray

    I have had good luck using bug spray. I cover myself in the bugspray. Walk into the bait and spray down the whole pile of bait with bugspray after baiting. This has kept me bug free and also not seemed to bother the bears. The only downfall is the bears smell the bugspray and come up into my stand to look for food. You also have to remember the bears will probably think you are food since you smell like the bug spray.


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