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    i was wondering if anyone had some advice for hunting grizz in Apr. this will be the only chance i get to go hunting before Sep. i was going to go down the Denali Hwy and take my wheeler. i was wondering if this would be a good deal and if so any advice on tactics would be great. i plan on going around the 18th of Apr. thanks in advance.

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    Your plan sounds fine, though you may have to deal with a bit of snow in April on the Denali Highway. Glass the hillsides and look for dens. In late April I've seen bears up there just sitting in the sun right at the mouth of their den. That being said, if you see a bear by its den you should plan on watching it for hours to make sure that there are no cubs inside the den. Anyhow, the #1 piece of advice for bear hunting is to glass, glass, and then glass some more. There are bears out there, but they're not always easy to see. To the patient hunter go the spoils.

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    thanks brian

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    Default Will the road be plowed?

    I believe you can check the DOT website and find out if the road has been plowed. Seems to me that it was early May before it was plowed the year I drove up there to hunt. Will also depend on the snowfall amount and the spring melt of course. Good Luck!!

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    Thank you for the replies, it has helped a lot. I got in contact with Susie at Maclaren Lodge and she said that the road may not be open by the middle of Apr, and the DOT still shows the Denali Hwy closed.

    I was hoping for some info on a backup plan. I know I ask a lot but this is the only trip I will get to make before I go to the desert and would love to do some hunting. I know its early but I have to work with what I have. I am open to any suggestions or advice. Thanks again all.

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    Default Sent you a pm

    good luck!

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    Default denali plowed for about 18 miles

    from the cantwell side anyway, after that you can take a snowmachine/atv on the trail after that....i was up there a few weekends ago and the snow was really may be close on the 18th for bears up there.....there probably wont be alot out just the first few...but those are usually the biggest...i know there are some bears out now around the state though....good luck
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