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Thread: Paxson in May?

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    Default Paxson in May?

    I decided I wanted to explore the paxson side of the denali. I have from may 5th-16th off. hows the snowpack and the feasibility of a ATV? Only time I have been wheelin up there was when my wife got proxied for bou a couple of years ago. I'm looking at parking the lot south of tangle lakes. Thanks for any and all info.

    I'll be doing this alone so if anybody has any free time, maybe we can hook up.

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    Default Was up there around then last year

    Had more snow out there last year than this year and still went wheeling about the same time last year. Still snow in shaded places but not too bad. Be sure to bring a spare or two for your truck. If you go in just after they open the road with a grader than you are bound to pick up the grader blade bits going in early like that. Had 3 flats just going from Cantwell to Susitna and back. Luckily Gracious house was open and had the spares all stocked up for the summer flat season going through there. Otherwise woulda been an awfully long wheeler ride back to Cantwell. I have since upgraded to Load Range E tires. Haven't had a problem since.


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