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Thread: UHMW is here in FAI

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    Default UHMW is here in FAI

    Yup, it made it. And true to form I was not ready. So, I will be contacting each successful buyer to post haste a check in my direction so my wife does not blow a gasket due to the bill riding on our credit card. FYI the factory shorted me one sheet due to quality control, so somebody will have to give a bit, but, as always, I will make it as fair as possible. Remember, no sniveling allowed.
    Oh yeah, your part in participating, which I conveniently failed to mention, is a picture posted here as to the final product.
    And by the way, the orange color is OUTSTANDING! We are going to stand out where ever we go!

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    Let me know if i am still in the running for a sheet. I have not heard from you in a spell.

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    I your left holding any extra sheets and want cash immediately let me know. I live in Fairbanks and would pay same day notified.



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