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Thread: Spring grizzly hunt

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    Default Spring grizzly hunt

    Heading up the Denali Hwy from Paxson, or possibly Cantwell side May 1st. Wanting to know what to expect for snow, if there's usually enough left for snowmachines during the first week of May.

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    I was there around the 10th of May last year and rode an ATV on mostly dry trails. Given the amount of snow in Cantwell as of a few weeks ago, I would doubt that snowmachines will be very easily used during the first week of May. Keep an eye out here for updates as the day approaches.

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    Default Paxson Snow

    Paxson snow conditions are quickly decreasing. I was just up there this weekend on the Denali Hwy and there sure is a lot of brush sticking up. Stepping off the sleds sinks a guy to his crotch; two years ago, it would have buried me. I don't think you'll be able to snow machine up there in May. Maybe, maybe throughout April if it stays cold enough. It was sure cold last night in a tent under clear skies. Good Luck!

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    C&B : Did you see any movement up high that would make you think Mr Bruin is starting to get restless?


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