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Thread: Training Questions???? Let us put this forum to use.

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    Default Training Questions???? Let us put this forum to use.

    Been quiet here lately. It's getting to be training season.

    Do you have specific questions on how to teach or correct something. Lets work on those issues during the off season so that you and your dog are better prepared for next hunting season.
    We have seen experienced people on here north and south that I am sure will be willing to meet and help you out.
    Don't be bashful. At one time us experienced folks were in your shoes. We learned by watching and working with others.
    So we want to hear from you.

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    Default whistle sit

    So, when out walking the pup, she runs out doing her thing and I whistle. 9 times outa 10 she will turn to me and sit (at a mid distance). If she is out far, she mostly comes in, as a return call, and if she is occupied as in a retrieve, or just picks up a scent, she wont respond at all. She is still in the very beginning stages of training, and I am solo with her. I am seeing improvement though. Am I right to emphasize the medium distance whistle to reinforce, and continue on this till the rest comes along? Also, I still havn't employed the collar. I guess I'm waiting to use it with more experienced help, the last thing I need is to mess up the dog


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    Default Whistle sits

    I'm curious to know what this distance is.
    Also your whistle needs to be very distinct. Up close just a short little toot is all that is needed. At a distance you need more volume and a longer whistle time. If your dog is running through cover and there are environmental factors like wind that also effects how your dog hears your whistle. They are making lots of noise themselves while they move especially if they are running through water for example. Louder and longer the farther away your dog is.

    I'll come back to you...........gotta go for now. I'll walk you through it. More info later.

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    Default more....

    Two things..........
    First I would go ahead and consider collar conditoning your dog. This gives you greater control at a distance and the corrections are more timely than any other method. Your dog will become quicker and sharper at whistle sits if done properly. If you wish I can post some conditioning drills for you.
    Second, with out the e collar the only other method of correction is to approach the dog. You are going to have to walk out in the field... get your dog... and take her to the spot where she was suppose to have stopped when you blew the whistle and make her sit there. Do so with the whistle when you sit her at her stopping location. Your presence of approaching her will be unexpected and she will remember that. It lets her know that you will come after her even at a distance to correct her. From that point continue with your lesson or give the cast you had originally intended. A lot of dogs feel loose and free away from the handler and will blow you off. With consistency in these lessons you will gain that control even at a distance. Sounds like you've got a good start.

    Lining drills and pile work are also great drills to practice with whistle control. But if you aren't familiar that is a whole other post as well. Let me know what you have taught previously to get your dog to this point.

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    Default Beginning trainer here

    I have a male Beagador retriever and we are beginning some of the basic training for obediance and well he is begining to understand who is the boss but then again he also is a stubbern pup when we go for walks he pulls for ward on the lead and when i stop and wait for him to loosen up the lead he continues to pull. this is not what i would like for him to do. and he wears a 1" leather nylon collar. we have a chain slip collar for training but i am a fraid that if i put it on him he may choke him self out and i know that is what it is designed for but i want to correct him with out harming him what would be a good attention getter??? with out a shock collar that is not an option for myself.

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    Ahhh. Good ol' puppyhood.
    Don't get discouraged. Just stay consistent with your training. Sounds like you may need some pointers. You can learn so much by watching.
    I teach a dog to heel beside me in about 5 to 10 minutes. Without a choker and without an e collar. From that point on it is a matter of consistency to assure that the new standard I have just taught doesn't go away. The equipment you mention is all that you need. It is simply a verbal command and a series of correctly timed corrections when the dog is in front of you. I teach that beside me is the comfortable place to be. Lagging behind or taking the lead will lead to discomfort. You have to read your dog and know if they need encouragement. Each dog is different. You are not trying to dominate over them but be their coach. Teach what is right and reward for it.
    I'm training full time this time of year but I'll certainly try to make time for everyone that needs it. If you like give me a shout.


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