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Thread: 3X9X40mm or 3x9x50MM

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    Smile 3X9X40mm or 3x9x50MM


    What are the pros and cons of these sizes of scopes 40 mm and 50mm. I am interested in Zeiss. I have a Tikka T3 in 300 win mag.


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    Default 50mm on a tikka??

    I'd opt for the 40 mm. I have the exact same gun I just bought. I went with the 40mm for the simple fact that I bought a tikka t3 lite in .300 WM as a sheep hunting gun due to the fact that it is relatively light weight. Seems to me that you probably bought it for some of the same reasons. Adding a 50mm objective scope on there will ,IMO, add un-needed weight if you are trying to obtain a lightweight setup.

    Personally, I can't tell the difference even in low lighting between the two objectives looking through them. Having gone to a store and taking both out to the parking lot at dusk. So doesn't seem worth it to put a bulky 50 MM scope on a lightweight package when the benefit is nearly nil. Especially if going with a Zeiss scope, those 40 MM Conquests will gather all the light you'd ever need. Plus leave some $$$ to buy more ammo to practice with. Just my .02

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    I have the conquest 3.5x10x44 on my sako and love it. My buddy (mnbirddog) has the 3.5x10x50 and he loves it as well. I have not ben able to look through his but it sound like his field of view is great but I have zero complaints about mine and it can be on lower bases than the 50 could.

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    Default 40 or 50

    I own both the Zeiss 3x9x40 and the 3x9x50 Conquests. If you would like, you are more than welcome to come to my house and have a look. I would look through them around dusk to get the best decision. If you look through them at mid-day, I dont think you will notice any difference at all. I live in Eagle River if your interested. Send me a pm and I'll give you my contact info.

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    Default Difference

    The MAJOR difference will be the height of the rings and scope above the rifle. The higher rings will change the cheek weld and head position on the stock some large objective scopes are akward in this respect, requiring the head to maintain a less than comfortable rest on the stock.
    The difference in the scopes will be the 50mm scope is heavier than the 40mm and will set higher and be easier to damage or knock out of alignment.
    The 50mm will gather more light in the twilight hours than the 40mm will.
    Choose the scope that makes the most sense according to the way you hunt. Good Luck !!
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    Default go with the 40

    I would recommend the 40mm. The 50 is pretty bulky isn't really necessary.


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