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Thread: 338RUM & 250gr TSX

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    Default 338RUM & 250gr TSX

    Anybody have experience loading these. The loads on the Barnes site list Retumbo at a max of 91 grains which is about 10 grains under the max load for lead core bullets and Pt's. Is this because of the length of the TSX limiting the amount of powder? Barnes #4 Manual data lists Retumbo as the most accurate powder. I guess I shouldn't be too concerned. The Federal 250 gr TBBC's on the shelf are rated at 2860 fps. The max load with Retumbo per Barnes is a little under 2900 fps.

    Anybody used RL 22 or RL25 or have any other suggestions?

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    Thumbs up 225 TSx

    The 225 TSX is all you need in the 338 plus you will get flater traj.

    Reloader 22 @ 89.5
    Retumbo @ 93.0

    Fed 215GM Primer
    COL @ 3.575"
    225 TSX

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    Default 338 Rum

    Sorry, I haven't been on in a while, but I am currently workin up loads for a new 338RUM and using 250gr. TSX's.
    So far I've had great results with RE22. I'm getting sub 1" groups with 89, 89.5 and 90gr loadings. I have not chronoed them yet, but am pretty happy.
    I loaded up some rounds with RETUMBO last night and hope to try them out this weekend.
    New R-P brass
    FED 215M primers
    Max listed C.O.L., wish I could seat them longer but the magazine box is only so long.

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    I'll be watching this thread, because this is the next cartridge I plan to get, and also plan on using 225 TTSX's, and considering a 27 inch Lilja barrel.

    Hope you get some good results.

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    Default What a load....

    I have been using the original 250X at about 2665 MV out of a .338 Win. Mag. since they first came out years ago. It gives great straight line penetration. That big case you have is made for a big, tough 250 gr. or larger bullet. Have fun with your "thumper"!

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    I made some test loads with RL 22, RL 25, Magnum, and Retumbo. If it ever stops raining on the weekends I'll let you know how they did. Once I get this worked out I'm going to see what I can wring out of some 275 gr A Frames, and 300 gr Woodleighs.


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