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Thread: Bear Baiting Clinics?

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    Default Bear Baiting Clinics?

    I received an inquiry from a forum member who was looking for a bear baiting clinic before spring.

    Anyone out there have any info? (I'm not a bear baiter, so I don't know)

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    Default clinics

    Apr. 3rd Thurs AF&D registration required
    Apr. 17th Thurs AF&D registration required
    Don't know if there are anymore or not. Check with AF&D. Hope this helps.

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    It appears in the Sportsman Show supplement in today's paper that they'll be offering a clinic right there at the show Saturday evening.

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    Cant wait for the show! Gonna be at the
    "care of game meat" and
    "bear hunting" clinics- hope to learn alot of new stuff and pick up some toys

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    Sportsmans warehouse offered one yesterday in Valley. You might want check with them as to when the next one will be offered.
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    Default April 8th

    April 8th at Colony High School in the Valley from 6:30 - 8:30. No pre-registration needed.


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