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Thread: the delta area

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    Default the delta area

    I will be spending some time up there this year (2-3 weeks) and want to know if theres some good fishing in that part of the country. Not looking for any secret places, just somewhere that can keep me busy in my off time.
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    Are you talking about Delta Junction?

    Do you have a boat?

    The Clearwater river has good grayling fishing if you want to wade it or fish from a canoe, raft, or boat.

    There are a lot of smaller lakes on Ft. Greely that have been stocked for years but I have not fished them in ages so have no idea what the current numbers are.

    Then you have Quartz lake that has good rainbow trout, land locked silvers, and not sure what else ADFG has stocked recently.

    If you want burbot then try any of the small channels off the Tanana river along the highway late at night or early in the morning.

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    Default Delta

    There are lots of good lakes around Delta too.
    And many are full of landlocked salmon, rainbows and lakers.
    Grab Gunnar Pederson's Highway Angler and check out Meadow Lakes Road past Greely. North and South Twin are excellent, so is Ghost Lake. There are a few Grayling to be had too. Watch for grizz in the area.

    Nickle Lake is juxtaposed Ghost lake (a small ridge divides them) and it used to be full of giant lakers but they (F&G) poisoned it due to suckers. I heard they later regretted doing so, I just shake my head. I fear the big lakers are gone now.
    It is/was one of my favorite haunts for 8-10lb+ lake trout and the country is awesome.
    Fishing around this area is best around June 21st. I enjoy fiy fishing all night there~~! It's crazy good.

    PS...take only what you can eat to keep 'em there.

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    DCWR has some of THE best grayling fish the state has to offer off the road system! And it can still be fished without a boat though boat/canoe/raft as said is a much better option.

    Drop me a line in a month or two, I may be up for a trip if I'm here for the summer. Still unsure if I'll be guiding or screwing off this year


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