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Thread: Last Chance to Book

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    Default Last Chance to Book

    With the sportsmans show this weekend in the Valley and next week in Los Anchorage, anyone who is planning on being flown out, I would suggest to get the charter schedule cause if is not to late already it probably will be after next weekend.


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    That's all done for me, now I just have to wait for September.

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    Default Booking WACH flights

    That info is solid for WACH also. I donít know of many openings left up here with the current flight services flying out of Kotzebue. I started turning away 08 float hunts back in late Feb because there were so many guys booking early. We have lost a flight service with Buck Maxon retiring (3 planes) and the pressure was on early for the remaining flight services. If any of you guys know any drop services still booking it would help a bunch to let others know. I still have a few drop camps left to rent if we can find a flight service but man it is tight!

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