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Thread: 320 gr Cast Performance 44....

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    Default 320 gr Cast Performance 44....

    Anyone load the 320 gr LWNFPGC in 44 mag? I think they are the same bullets used in the AK backpacker ammo which would be good because those shoot REALLY well in my blackhawk. I havent found any published data on anything that heavy and I dont know where to start.

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    I'm not sure about those being the bullets used in Backpacker ammo. If you go to and go to the load swap portion of the site, there is a listing for a load with those bullets and even a few others that are heavier yet.
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    I think I posted a number of loads including that bullet here under the thread "Bear loads for Rugers".

    The bullet is a 320 WLN GC. Wide Long Nose, Gas Checked.

    There are three LBT style bullets available, WFN, WLN and LFN. The WFN has the shortest nose and widest meplat but more bearing surface and more bullet in the case making less room for powder. The LFN has a long ogive nose and is a better long range bullet that the WFN. It has the shortest bearing surface but the nose may be too long for some cylinders. The WLN is the compromise hybrid of the other two.

    I think AK BP ammo uses the 320 WLN GC with the dual crip groove (DC) bullet by Cast Performance. These bullets can be crimped in at two different overall length for short or longer cylinders. Beartooth bulets also make bullets of the weight and style from different molds.

    There is very little load date for the 44 heavy cast bullets and what you find is with H110 or W296 ball powder. Possibly some with the new Lil'Gun powder, still ball but better than the other two. I have data for these bullets with H4227 and N110 and they are better powders in some regard especially temperature stability.
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    Default Hodgdon data

    I use Hodgdon powders mostly and they have a lot of load data.
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