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    My lift stopped working last year. I can still hear the motor and worm drive come on but nothing happens. I've been told you can adjust them? Has anyone done this before? I'd like to get the lift working again.

    Also, Is there a bushing on the tilt pins? One side is very loose and I haven't pulled it yet. Would think there would be some sort of brass or wearable bushing.

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    Also, how do you get a grease gun on the zerk behind the thing blocking the zerk on the Port side of the 280 Volvo out drive? If you have one and look for a zerk you can't get a gun on you'll know what I mean. Thanks

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    To get to the grease zirt you have to lift the latch and let it down. Odie's Marine showed me that one, Think it was let it down maybe up.
    Electric motor still work ? If not there is a fuse gone, they had a square block that don't look likr a fuse mounted on my block when mine stopped!

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    The motor still works. I can hear it turn on but nothing happens. Lift just stays down. I wouldn't suspect the motor. It does sound a little weak but even if I pick up on the outdrive and try to lift it, it won't come up, even slowly.


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