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Thread: Tohatsu vs. Honda

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    Default Tohatsu vs. Honda

    hey, just looking for some ideas on a Honda 2hp 4 stroke vs. Tohatsu 3.5 4stroke. There is a 12lbs difference and the same size internal tank. Just want it for the dingy. I have honda 4-wheelers and they have run for ever problem free but don't know anything about the boat motors. Any input is appriciated.

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    I've used Tohatsu (also labeled as Nissan) for quite some time and they've worked well for me. If money's not an issue for you, I'd choose which ever one is lightest. I'm sure they'd both run fine.

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    Default thanks for the info

    The Tohatsu is heavier but has twice the hp. The price is actually the same. So it is more one brand over the other. The specs are virtually identical and only on line reviews I found only mentioned the internal tank being pretty small. But they are the same size too. With more hp the 3.5 wouldn't have to work as hard. Don't know how that would effect the gas consumption.

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    Default My 2 cents:

    Neither one will plane your tender with more than one adult, more than likely. Reliabilty really is not an issue. Any of the modern 4 strokes will go and go. I went with a 4 stroke yamaha 4 horse with the internal tank with the thought that it would be quieter than the 2 strokes. WRONG! It is noticeably louder and not nearly as smooth as the 4 horse merc (2 stroke) I had borrowed. To get the quiet, smooth operation out of a 4 stroke it must have 2 cylinders (8 horse?), but then you are dealing with something pretty darn heavy. You also have to consider storage. They really should be stored up right. The plus side to the 4 stroke kickers is that you don't get the 2 stroke smoke. All this said, I would go with whichever one matches your boat .
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    Default Dude I just went through this awhile back

    I have a new honda 2hp 4-stroke in my garage if you want to check it out. I can run it for you so you get an idea. I bought the honda for ease of use, doesn't have a water pump=doesn't need flushed. It is lighter. It has a centrifugal clutch=no levers to push back and forth to get into or out of gear. It is a little noisy but still needs broke in, just ran it for 10 minutes in the garage to do the recommended factory break in, now just gotta run it for 10 hours then change the oil. The honda seems like it will do fine. It is a pretty peppy little motor. Only problem is doesn't want to idle once you hit the throttle and back off, if you back off to fast it dies. It might just need more time to warm up or something. Plus this is just running it in my garage.

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    Default thanks guys

    WE decided to go ahead with the extra horse power. It lays on one side with little legs to keep it up so the oil won't run out. And we just decided we needed the extra power. I have to read the manual but it has a way to flush it our if we use it in the salt. Several other individuals said they liked the tohatsu so I am guessing it is just like the Ford vs. Chevy. WE'll try it out and let ya know if we have any regrets.

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    I used to have a 9.9hp yamaha on my old zodiac. It was the best motor I ever bought, of course it was the first one too. Sold it when I got a larger boat because the boat I bought wasn't big enough for a 9.9 kicker. I have kicked myself many times for having parted with it but what do you do. I bought yet a larger boat and decided last year that I wanted a kicker so the story goes on. A friend donated a late 90's 8hp honda to my cause that is in great condition. However I realized after picking it up that I needed a long shaft at minumum. So I called the local dealer and they told me they couldn't get parts at all for it. I'm thinking this things hardly 10yrs old and I can't get parts? I google for honda and came up with a phone# back east for Honda corp. and was surprised that I got ahold of someone so easily. Unfortunately they told me the same thing the dealer had, no parts are available for that year motor anymore and they don't go by the year anyway, just the model.

    Sorry to ramble but I decided that I wouldn't buy a honda for just that reason because I would expect the new one to have parts available 10yrs from now, but would they? I ended up purchasing a tohatsu 8hp last year, less money and functions very good. Of course what else would you expect out of any new motor? Imo there isn't much difference in quality anymore just preference.

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    Default followup on this later

    Roustabout and James,

    Hopefully you will both post a followup on this once you have had your new motors out a few times this spring to let us know what the pluses and minuses were of your decisions. I am considering the same thing, and leaning towards the Honda, but I don't think I will be buying it until fall. My bet is either decision is a good one.


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    I`ll chime in with my experience on the 4-stroke Tohatsu....

    Overall the motor is fairly large for horsepower rating but is light in comparison to other outboards of the same size. I`ve used it with a 9' Zodiac with 600 pounds in it and it pushes pretty darn won`t win any races but it is powerful. The only problems I`ve had with mine so far is the touchy idle can warm the motor and idle but as soon as you drop in gear it dies out. I`ve made many adjustments on the run and the only happy spot so far is just above the speed I`d like to run for trolling Lakers and Rainbows. The other problem is the stickering for storage orientation. If you store it tiller up on it`s side it WILL leak crankcase oil throught the carb and exhaust. I took it in and had it completely flushed and Marita said it was poorly badged and would do this every time it is stored on that side. Since then I`ve layed it the other way without issue. And is fairly loud, not 2-stroke load but it idles louder than my 40 EFI Merc.

    Overall it is a decent motor for the $$.

    I have no Honda experience so I can`t comment there.

    Keep in mind Mercury makes a 2 horse as well.

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    Default Jrogers will do

    I can't wait to get it out there and see! WE aren't looking for speed so much as enough power to get us back and forth maybe a deer or two.

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    I have a 2hp honda I have had and used for 3 yrs. now with no problems at all. It ALWAYS starts on the first pull. 2 thumbs up from me. I paid $730 new.

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    Honda 2hp 4 stroke vs. Tohatsu 3.5 4stroke.
    I'm glad this came up, I was just looking at them at the Mat Su outdoor show. The vendor from Seward mentioned that Tohatsu is the oldest of all manufactures of outboard motors. I don't have any experience with either outboard but I have never heard a bad word said about a Honda of any type. I have a four wheeler and other small honda engines including 2 lawn mowers that set outside all year long and start with a pull or two in the spring. The interesting thing mentioned in the ealier thread is the storage of a 4 stroke. That could be an important issue for dingy users.
    I have heard my friend say that he wishes he had a more powerful motor when he used his 2 hp Honda on a canoe in a strong current. He couldn't keep good control.

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    Honda makes a great motor. I have heard that the little 2 hp ones are loud and shake around a lot. But, I bet all those little one cylinder guys are.

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    According to a sales rep at the Anchorage show yesterday, the Tohatsu and Mercury outboards are made on the same assembly line, and the smaller units are virtually indistinguishable from one another . . . and about $20--250 difference, depending on size.

    hmmm . . just bought a new dinghy from Gay King, and will be looking for a small motor too . . .

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    I am going with the 9.8 Tohatsu..
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