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Thread: Shipping Hide / Meat from Craig- POW

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    Default Shipping Hide / Meat from Craig- POW

    Trying to get some of the logistics worked out for a spring bear hunt out of Craig, on POW. Can anyone fill me in on the best way to get hides / meat home from Craig. Are we going to need to fly it to Ketchikan and then ship it, or is there a place on the island where we can Fed Ex or UPS them?

    Also, any information on where to get hides sealed would be most appreciated.



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    Have you thought about taking it on the plane with you and shipping your gear home? That's what I plan to do if I get one. Much cheaper to send gear home by regular mail than to send meat Fed Ex.

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    No Fed Ex or UPS there, you have to get it to Ketchikan for those options.

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    Default frozen hides?

    I would not ever ship a frozen hide except for next day FedEx. Actually I ship all my hunters meat that way also. It is spendy. UPS is very poor service out of Ketchikan.

    I flesh and salt dry all hides before shipping.

    There is none of that service on POW and even freezer service is hard to find.

    With Skip (POW Taxidermy) passing away there might not be a reliable expediting service for your hide. There could be one not very reputable one in Craig. A word of caution.


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