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Thread: Auto Loader Reloading

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    Default Auto Loader Reloading

    Just wanted to send out a great big Thank You, to Alaska Bush Man and Murphy for taking the time to give me some reloading lessons. Been at the bench a lot the last few days and got to go to the range today and see if they shoot as good as they looked. Tried 4 different loads, a couple were all over the paper and 2 showed real promise. My best load was,

    69 grains of IMR 4831 with a 180 grain Barnes TSX BT
    shooting at 2997 fps

    2nd best was 73.5 grains of ReLoader22 with a 180 Grain Nosler Sp Bt
    Shooting at 2955 fps
    This is my first 6 rounds with the IMR and TSXs

    The Reloader22 and the Noslers

    and one no so good group.

    Shot over 40 rounds, no malfunctions. Used small base dies as Alaska Bush Man advised and used the reloading steps that Murphy showed me and many hours of net surfing and reading. So Thanks again to all that helped me and hope to see you all at the Range.

    All rounds fired with my Benelli R-1 Auto Loader chambered in 300 Win Mag at 100 yards.


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    Default Congrats Steve

    Reloading is both a fun and rewarding hobby, which compliments your shooting addiction.
    Congrats on your newest accomplishment and enjoy !!
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    lots of good advice from our "lead" man and many others here and am glad you found out what you were missing in life

    for an auto that is good shooting.


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    Thumbs up Your welcome

    I will be here if you need my advice........


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