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Thread: Fishing Valdez May 9

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    My father-in-law and a friend are coming up to Alaska for an airshow in Valdez and want to catch a charter for halibut on May 9th. I have never fished over there and wonder if you guys can recommend a good charter service to book with in Valdez.


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    Brian you are going to be limited by the number of boats that will be running during that time frame. The Orion, Gemini Charters, Shark Tooth Charters, and Petre's Charters may be the only ones going out. Most of the other charters do not start until the 24 th of May. There just are not enough people to book charters during that time period. The reservation services Fish Central, Ez Freeze, and Eagles Rest RV park may have some boats that I have not listed. You will find that most of the boats will need at least 5 passengers before they will leave because of the high cost of fuel. I think I have already thanked with you but my web site is
    also the Valdez Derby web site has some charters listed. Dan on the Faithful maybe down there at that time also. I think he is listed under Northern Magic Charters. Good luck with your search Dennis


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