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    Does anybody know of a good spot to ice fish Harding Lake. I've recently seen pics floating around the net of some big lakers coming from there. Any suggestions on "hot spots" and possibly what depth to fish at? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    couldnt tell ya. Harding is a deep lake. what i have overheard from conversation is yep, there are some biggins in there. They (other fishermen) use a flasher to find the thermocline, and thats where they find fish... good luck to you!

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    Guess I'm not quite good enough to see the thermo with my flasher, but it does tell me at what depth the fish are at.

    where? Well you'll have to go out and figure it out. Lake trout are lake trout wherever you find them. That said, they can really be anywhere but there are some definatly places you should be looking that have a tendancy to hold fish. I havent fished this w inter, kinda regretting it....have done well in recent years past. I dont open water fish the lake, only after ice up so my knowledge of the lake is limited to it.

    Do some reading on lake trout and what they like and then take a look at some maps. Only after that would I set foot on the lake...and then without a flasher you're going to spend some time searching and figuring out how. Personally without the flasher things went sloooow. First day with a flasher...lake trout on! Knowing where the fish are atand how they are reacting to your rigs really made the difference for this walleye fisherman Have bought and used a ton of rigs to the point there isn't much left I can find locally that I want to try...some has worked well, some has worked miserably. Get out there and go at it. Lake trout fishing isn't a high production sport usually...but when you do stick a fish it's liable to be 30 pounds!


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