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Thread: best loads for 338

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    My favorite load for several years in my 338 Win

    Reloader 19 @ 78.0
    225gr Accubond or Partition
    W-W Brass
    Fed 215GM primers

    Dupicates Fed High Energy Load 2925 FPS in 24"

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    Question 230gr Fail Safe

    Can you give me some details of you handload in 338 Win Mag with Failsafe 230gr?
    i have a bunch and wanted to work up a good moose load.

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    I think it was 3 years ago that I changed my .338 Winny load of a case full of RL 19 and a Barnes 250 grain X bullet. I now use the Barnes 225 grain TTSX bullet and a case full of Ramshot's Hunter powder with Federal Match 215 primers and Norma brass. My chrony says I am getting 2,836 fps mv and I shot through a broad side moose at around 150 yards Sept. of 2019. Lungs going in and out the off side shoulder of a 44" bull.

    In my opinion any stout .338 bullet from 210 to 225 grains is plenty of bullet for North American critters. If I was a brown bear guide I would load the 250 X bullet again.

    Federal used to stick 78 grains of RL 19 under a 225 grain bullet for their HE loads. I am not sure what the load for the 250 grain Partition was. Both of those loads were about as good as it gets for a butt kicking .338 Winny load. I wonder if they did not have some issues with pressure in some rifles, that would certainly be cause to stop offering them to the public. Ya got me.

    My old 25" barreled Mod. 70 would get 2,960 fps mv with the old 225 X bullet and 76 grains of RL 19 and 2,750 fps mv with 74 grains of RL 19. I measured cases above the belt before and after firing and compared case expansion to factory offerings and I also loaded a single case 8 times with each load and primer pockets were tight and I never had to trim a case and did not have sticky bolt lift.

    What all that told me was that case and loads worked for 8 reloads in that rifle. But, I still did not know what pressure those 2 loads generated in my rifle. So I am now content with the 225 TTSX and Hunter powder for the 2,836 fps mv. This is in my custom Mod. 70 "Classic Stainless" with a 23" barrel. It consistently shoots very well with any X bullet I feed it and has never had any other type of bullet fired out of it.

    This load has plenty of the "right stuff", which is good accuracy, up close killing power on a big bear and is a serious 500 yard moose load. It also recoils less then my old 250 grain load. I bought a bunch of Norma brass, Fed. 215 Match Primers and Hunter powder and 500 TTSX 225 grain bullets, all with the same lot numbers.

    I started shooting and loading for the .338 Winny in 1975. At long last I am done with my load research for a .338 Winny. And who ever I pass this stuff on to is smart to use what I gave them and go shooting and hunting and not worry about finding something better for Alaska and the .338 Winny.

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