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Thread: Looking for a good place to ride.

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    Default Looking for a good place to ride.

    My family and I are new to the Anchorage area , and we are looking for places to explore. Have an Argo 8x8, pretty much can go anywhere. We would very much like to get out and camp. So any info would be great. Thanks

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    You are looking in the right place.
    Here is a link to a old but decent site w/ some trail descriptions.

    I think Alaska wilderness trails (in book form) is also available at Title Wave book store in Anchorage.
    Also keep doing searches on this site AND the atvfrontier site for trails and different places to ride.

    Jim Creek has all kinds of different terrain to experience you just have to keep an eye out as sometimes young people congregate there for drinking and what not.

    PM me if you have more specific questions
    Take care,


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