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    I want to get my dog out on some birds this June when I come up to Alaska. I know June isn't the season for anything with wings, but are there any game farms anyone could recommend? I won't be in the country this fall and I've been doing a lot of work with my dog (1 year/yellow lab). We had a good duck season, despite being only 6 months old, he made some retrieves on the water and it was cool to watch to say the least. I mean, you know how it is to watch your training click inside the dogs head, it's way cool. Anywhoo, I'd like to get in one more bird hunt with him before I am gone for several months. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Where in Alaska will you be?

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    I'll be in Anchorage primarily, but I'll be doing a lot of traveling around the state.

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    Falcon Ridge game bird farm will have birds.

    I would also contact the local retriever clubs. Their summer hunt tests would probably be just what you are looking for....

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    And if you're in the Fairbanks/North Pole area, check out the local clubs & you might be able to find folks to train with:

    AKC -
    UKC/HRC -

    FRC's having a doubleheader AKC hunt test & Qualifying stake on June 13-15.
    IAGDA's having a doubleheader UKC/HRC hunt test on June 21-22.


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    Thanks for the info. When you say "test" I get nervous. Can you tell me about these hunt tests? I'm looking for an open field, some birds, me and my dog. Also, some of these tests require your dog to have papers. His parents have papers, but I'm still waiting for the breeder to send me his papers. I haven't pushed too hard getting the papers because I'm not interested in studding him out, and he seems to swim just fine without them.

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    Default Training

    I am a retriever trainer here in Palmer. I train with small groups during the week and have larger groups on the weekends. I train with my clients and also folks that bring there own dogs out.
    I do use flyers about 2 to 3 times a week for each dog. But not always.
    There is a lot you can teach without having to use flyers all the time.

    I also support the local retriever clubs. I assist a lot of folks in their training program. Other than myself the contacts within the club are a valuable resource. Don't let the word "test" scare you away. There are ways of helping you train so the test is just a walk in the park.
    Contact me if you are interested. 632 0123

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    Default I know what you mean...

    I was also nervous about tests. However, a friend signed my Chessapeake up (and paid) for his first test. I went dragging my feet, thinking it wouldn't hurt to go once. I ended up getting his title and a better hunting dog for the effort. My dog did better than I thought. Some people train harder or more seriously when they know someone is going to be scrutinizing them and the dog. I trained with people doing tests and trials (I wouldnt do a trial) and learned alot. The tests gave me targets to shoot for. Even though the tests are contrived and some times unrealistic, The dogs do not care , they just like to do their thing. I looked at the trails with my pointing dogs and the tests with the retriever as a mini hunting season.

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    Default When in june

    I don't know if you'll be in and around the delta area or not but i have the fields and my chuckars should be ready to go mid to late june. I will have 30 chuckars ready in may and after some dog tests here and there will be those to go round up. But what kind of birds are you looking to get into?


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    Hey Mike,
    Actually I will be around Delta the 17,18,19th or so of June. What do you charge to hunt your birds at your place? I really don't have a preference as far as what kind of bird. I've been working with the dog a lot, he's a Yellow Lab, and I took him out a few times after Ducks this past winter and it was great fun to watch him work. I just want to take my dog hunting and see the hours of training and good genetics in action. I will be gone the entire fall hunting season so that's why I'm trying to find a bird farm that has birds ready in June. PM me if you think we can work something out. Thanks.


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