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Thread: zodiac setup / cusom mods ?

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    Default zodiac setup / cusom mods ?

    I am wanting to set up an older zodiac & looking for ideas & photos, or help from those who have customized sport boats. We are to old to sit on the tubes/ cooler or bench seats all day so... it has a center console so I am thinking of putting one seat behind for the driver & possibly one infront of the console a couple feet off to the left side. It has aluminum floors so looking for a good sugestion in seat pedestals / bases as well as location.
    It also has a 4 stroke on it so I won't be beaching to drain so I was thinking of mounting a bilege pump by the transom. Also any other ideas for fuel tanks, or other helpful hints would be appreciated.

    (I know one guy had a wood shelf built across the back for storage of tanks underneath, down riggers & seating on top)

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    I bought a used 15'6 achilles inflatable whose owner had found & purchased an aluminum fuel tank that stretched from tube to tube along the back transom with a seat on top, rod holders and space to move the tiller (which you won't need). It sets on the aluminum floor and is stable. It is good to load the rear 2/3 of the floor, so you'll want to be careful how 'forward' you put the seat in front of your console.

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    Default Go to Marita and...

    they can show you the new console packages that they have available. There are seats, steering consoles, bow bags, et cetera...

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    My first boat was this Avon - a used oil-spill response boat.

    We added:
    aluminum seat boxes
    fish-on seats
    plastic console
    rod holders
    battery under the rear/port seat
    tool kit under the front/starboard seat
    fuel tank in front of the console

    I loved that boat.
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