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    Is anyone familiar with this round or the FN Five-sevenN handgun? I've been looking at them lately and wondering how effective or accurate they are. I'm also interested in the ammo availability, especially in Alaska. It looks like the only firearms that use the 5.7mm round are the Five-seven, the P90 and the PS90.
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    My buddy has the pistol in the 5.7. It is really pretty accurate and has nearly no recoil. BUT, be sure and wear ear protection, it's as loud as shooting a 44 mag and has SOME muzzle flash.
    Ammunition isn't as cheap as some standard revolvers and autos, but isn't as spendy as the monster mag pistol ammo either.
    Overall it's an enjoyable handgun to shoot.
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    Great little predator gun, especially in the PS90. FN ammo, loaded with 40 grain Hornady V-Max, is $27.99 per 50.


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