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Thread: Hunting the banks of kenai keys area/general sterling area

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    Default Hunting the banks of kenai keys area/general sterling area

    Looking to get into some black bears this spring probably with the main focus being on Memorial day weekend. Does anyone have information or a link to ADFG with some regs/info about bears in that area? We spotted one blackie driving to our friends cabin last spring when baby moose were walking around, anyone else frequently see bears in this area? Thanks-Nick

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    Edit- wasnt thinking about how low the river is during may so how about the land hunting options with access by a moutain bike or hike?

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    The regs can be found at the F&G website. Google is your friend. I've seen black bears around Bing's Landing, but later in the year, like when the reds are in.
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    Default you'll see some bears...

    ...though I suspect most of them will be of the brown variety in those areas.

    An occasional black will wander around, though I'd stick to more hilly areas that sport grassy southern slopes and budding devils club. I'm not talking mountains necessarily, but hills that go from 200 to 400 feet in height. The areas around Sterling have them in abundance. The area on the east side of Swanson river road and south of Swan Lake road has never been open to hunting over bait and offer any number of trails that might allow one the opportunity to catch a blackie napping.

    If you would like more specific information, PM me and I'll offer some easily checked ideas for you.


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    Default ksma reg

    You may also want to contact DNR on their regs. F&G may say you can hunt there, but the land manager may not allow it.

    Here's some of the regs from this link:

    Discharge of firearms is prohibited in the Kenai River SMA except for lawful hunting and trapping on Skilak and Kenai Lakes, and except for use of shotguns below Skilak lake for lawful waterfowl hunting September 1 through April 30. Discharge of a firearm from a boat or across the river within one-half mile of a developed facility or dwelling is prohibited. Target shooting and plinking are prohibited in the entire SMA and on adjacent public lands. See Alaska Fish and Game regulations for hunting information.
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