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    A friend of mine, who isn't a shooter or reloader, if you can believe that, recently purchased an old cabin from the former owner's widow. The contents went with the cabin. He just called me to say that while going through the place, he found what he described as a large military sealable can (his words) which held some cans of what he saw was gun powder and flats of primers. He said it all seemed clean and dry, no signs of moisture contamination and wondered if I could use the stuff. I immediately said absolutely not! Right. So he will bring the stuff up to me next week when he comes into town. This should be interesting. Jeff said the guy and his wife had the cabin for many years, so who knows. We'll see. Keep you posted, if interested.

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    I'm curious to know what it is.

    It's probably something useable, and considering the price of powder and primers these days, a welcome surprise.

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    Goodness, hard to believe that anyone would turn down powder and primers in this day and age? I have Frankfort arsenal primers from 1922 that are still good. The powder you don't know about until you try it. If it is double base it will be good. If it's single base, you'll need to test.
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    Default Turn it down? NOT!

    Of course I'm going for it Al, at least until I check it out.
    When I was still reloading as a sideline, a guy I had sold some .38 target loads to called and asked if I would trade 100 rounds of wadcutters for a big can of gunpowder he had. I told him to bring it over, and several hours later he comes over with an 8 lb. can of Bullseye, but when he got close I saw there were can opener punches all around the top. The powder had turned brown and smelled terrible. Seems his brother had left it and some loading gear with him before going into the military and this guy, being worried about it, thought if he punched holes in it and left it under the front porch would be safer. It had been there for a couple years. I gave him his rounds and poured the stuff around my rose bushes. Go figure.


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