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Thread: Glock GAP; Short, Fat & Sassy......

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    Default Glock GAP; Short, Fat & Sassy......

    I have been working towards my eventual education, in the field of firearms. A recent acqusition brings a new venture with another handgun in a new (to me) caliber. This big power in a smaller package caliber is the not so popular 45 GAP or Glock Automatic Pistol. This is the 45 ACP shortened but loaded to higher pressure to offer 45 ACP ballistics in a 40 caliber gun size. Glock calls this pistol the model 37. Which falls out the number scheme for other models and caliber which seem to fit a pattern. The model 20 was 10mm, the model 21 was 45 ACP, then the shorter versions were model thirty-something. The model 36 was a shorty 45 ACP, but this model 37 is standard sized grip and upper with a double stack ten round magazine and 4 .5" barrel.

    This caliber yet to be evaluated by me claims ballistics comparable to the 45 ACP but in a package with a reduced size magazine and grip frame. Better enabling smaller hands to get a grip. It is the same bottom as the 40 caliber M22/M23 with a heavier and wider upper half.

    My guess is that the case is beefed up a bunch to take the higher pressure loading because it is still in a not fully supported chamber, as is typical of guns in the 45 ACP caliber. I shoot my plus P 45 ACP with 45 Super brass which is much heavier and thicker brass than standard 45 ACP brass and my guess is that the 45 GAP is the 45 Super brass cut shorter, we'll see.

    I have a quantity of Starline brass coming for this short fat caliber and will give a full evaluation of it in up coming'll want to stay tuned.

    The idea of this caliber makes sense to me though there is a limited market as most would simply opt for the original and the tried and true 45 ACP. Ammo is more likely to be found on the shelf and priced better. This shorter reach grip frame will appeal to some, however.

    I will be doing a full comparison of this stubby 45 and the original as well as the enhanced versions, the 45 Super and 45 Rowland, plus the 45 Win mag, in the up coming weeks, if my plan comes together.

    I do like the gun and every body needs at least one Glock. I suppose if I had only one specimen of this world famous pistol this caliber with the company name would be a good one.
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    Default waiting patiently

    Looking foreward to the outcome. I read about the GAP a couple of years ago and it seemed like the wave of the future (according to the article). Haven't heard much since then good or bad. Pretty gutsy of Glock to go up against the old ACP, hard to teach us old dogs new tricks. From what I've seen finding GAP guns or ammo has been hit or miss.

    I'm definately interested to see what is holding up it's progress. Is it performance? or is it just an ACP popularity thing?

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    The GAP's been a dismal failure.... although the ballistics are good there really aren't many people who want to give up their ACP. GAP is really a cartridge with no calling.... 40 S&W is a better load by most people's standards, and it's available everywhere while the GAP is not. Those that prefer the 45 ACP are going to use that.

    I personally think it's a fair idea for CCW, but there is little reason to use it in a mid or full-size weapon. Glock's 20 and 21 have large grips... the rest of the market produces 45's with smaller grips. While I prefer the large frame on the 10mm (helps to soak up the recoil of the full-house 10 loads) I don't prefer it in the 45. My current 45 is a SIG P220, and even with the wrap-around Hogue grips with finger grooves it's notably smaller than the standard Glock 21. Glock basically came up with the GAP to correct a problem that only they had... they should have come out with the SF much earlier instead.

    If the GAP round was available on store shelves everywhere and there was a very small (Kel Tec P3AT- sized) CCW piece available from a reputable manufacturer I would probably use it for that. Until that happens I think it's a cartridge meant to fill a GAP where none existed.

    The 10mm on the other hand... although it is not available everywhere (still 100x the places you'll find GAP though) it offers enough benefit to have and use. I don't know of any other production autos (besides the giant DE's and Automags and such that nobody wants to carry around anyway) that can hit mid-range .41 mag ballistics with 16 round capacity.

    Good luck with the test... I'm curious to know how it comes out as I would consider it for CCW with the right gun and more availability. Maybe the cartridge will catch on... right now it's biggest enemy is availability. We had almost 0 people asking for it in the store.
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