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Thread: why pyrodex for shotguns?

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    Default why pyrodex for shotguns?

    Tradbow, I saw where you said that someone doesnt carry pyrodex wich is bad news for you shotgunners.

    Why is that bad news? Tripple 7 powder wont work?

    Im planning on getting into the world of muzzloading shotguns so Ill soak up what info I can. Thanks!

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    My understanding of T7 is no not for traditional style shotguns or flintlockers.

    Either 2 f bp, or pyrodex rs is the standard.

    Problem comes in how much pressure powders build up in the tubes, dont need a blow out and I'm not going to try the idear of chancing atleast my own face to see if t7 works. I'm sure it does to a degree. How much...well that will need to be proofed.

    You want a slower burning powder for tube stuffing scatter guns.

    I'm looking at converting to 2f before this fall. Gonna stay with pyrodex for this springs turkey season....heading south here next week for awhile to hit....oh a 'few' states for many longbeards lol. That is IF I can even find that here locally.


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