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Thread: Keeping Bears Out of Camp

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    Default Keeping Bears Out of Camp

    Going on a sheep hunt next week and have one major concern. How does everybody keep bears out of their base camp while they are off wandering the mountains in search of sheep? I have heard there is a large concentration of black bears where we will be going.

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    The only alternative I know of is an electric fence and they make them now so they can be used on backpack hunts. Where i'm headed there are suppose to be a good number of big brown bears and some black bears but i'm taking my chances and going in without the fence. They say you have a better chance of getting hit by a truck then being attacked by a bear............guess we'll find out soon enough.

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    Default Fence

    The only thing I can add to this is to do a search in the archives on electric fences. There is one specifically designed for sheep hunters. Very light weight, and it was discussed in a previous thread.

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    Default Critter Gitter

    My choice is a "Critter Gitter" or 2. It uses both a motion and an IR sensor so that waving branches don't set it off, and darn near nothing hangs around when it sets off its siren.
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    Default bear alarm

    That alarm looks cool. Have you every used one? I would be curious if it works out to 40 feet and covers 90 degrees like it says. Also I couldnt find the cost on their website. Do you know that?

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    Default Gitter

    I use them fairly regularly when I'm hunting solo. The range tends to run between 30 and 40 feet, and the angle of coverage is closer to 110 degrees or so than 90. The 9V batteries last for at least 2 weeks, using it every night.

    Frankly, I disremember what I paid for mine - it was quite awhile back.
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    Default Heres a price for the critter gitter

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    RupertBear, have you ever had any bears get run off by the set up?

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    Default 1 yes, 2 maybe

    I've had one black bear that I know of run off from somewhere near the front of my tent. It was in the last shards of timber just before breaking out into the alpine (of course, AK being far north, alpine is usually rather low) and was in that dim 10 at night period, so I was able to see his disappearing backside. The other 2 occasions were at the back of the tent toward meat poles (all on different hunts), and by the time I cleared the tent with rifle in hand, my visitors had gone away. Sigh :-)
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    Awesome, thanks for the info.

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    Default Bear fence

    Check out The guy is in Alaska and seems to really have his stuff together. There is one backpacker model that i think would interest you. It is super light and more that ample to protect your camp. I think it covers like 30 feet x 30 feet. Nice stuff. If you are camping on gravel river bars, he makes a poly fence kit for that too as the conventional electric fences wont work on gravel bars.

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    Wiggy's Alaska on Old Seward and Dimond sells and rents an electric fence system that weights 2 lb. complete. I don't know whjo makes it but you can give Marc a call at 677-1365.


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