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Thread: Sitka black bear

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    Default Sitka black bear

    Hi- I am coming to Sitka to fish for Kings June 12 - 15 and it's my first time to the SE. Thought of coming up early to hunt black bears. Looking for a outfitter in the area....any reccomendations?

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    Default Sitka ????

    There are no Black Bear in Sitka ... That is Baranoff Island ... Brown Bear only ....

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    Talking Johnny's right

    There are moments in history when species expand their ranges.

    Envision, if you will, a black bear crazed by hunger or the ursine equivalent of wanderlust, making the long and dangerous swim across wide channels and straits to Baranof Island. Or perhaps a black bear, storm-tossed, clutching a log or matted raft of vegetation in the howling gale, struggling to remain afloat 'till the tempest tossed it on Baranof Island's sheltering shores.

    Imagine that black bear being eaten by a brown bear in short order.

    Now, if you want to stop in Ketchikan on your way up, give Johnny a call. I read good things about him. There are also other guides and transporters around Alaska's First City, as well as Prince of Wales Island and Petersburg, who might be able to set you up with a mid-summer hunt.

    But not on Baranof.

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    8x57 Mauser:

    Such a vivid portrayal of Nature’s hope will not soon be forgotten.

    The ending was rather abrupt, but it was not without impact.

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    Contact Raven Guides in Sitka. His son is the assistant guide (and a good friend of mine) and is about as active a hunter as I've ever seen. He had his wife out deer hunting the day she went into labor... Musta been the griz that reared up on them that broke her water... (no joke!)

    They've got a nice boat setup, and could certainly set up a hunt for you where there are some blackies to be had. It's not a very far hop to Kuiu or the main-land...

    Good luck!
    M/V CanCan - 34' SeaWolf - Bandon, OR

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    Can's right, The north end of Kuiu is not all that far indeed! Or a flight over from town. You should be able to find the local plane dock (forgot his name). He's right by Sitka sound seafoods. You'll hear him buzzing the harbor daily. Dunno the boat guides though I know they are there.

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    Default Hunts in Sitka

    I would contact Ben Johnson out of Sitka. He runs snowgoose adventures. I fish with him in the summers and in the fall he guides for bear, goats and deer. He has a website. which i think is


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