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Thread: Marlin 336 value

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    Default Marlin 336 value

    What would the estimated selling price be for a Marlin 336 lever action in .44 MAG. Condition - Operable - poor to good overall condition. Stock needs complete refinishing - blueing worn.


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    Default 336 .44 mag?

    I might be wrong, but I thought that Marlin only made their smaller model 94 in .44 mag. That being said, you are kind of vague about the condition of the gun. Poor to good covers a lot of ground, especially with people having their own interpretations of what that means. If the stock is rough, the finish mostly gone, but the gun functions well and the bore is in good shooting condition, then I personally wouldn't pay more then about $275.00 for it. The model 94 Marlin in .44 mag makes a good trail carbine, though I might refrain from shooting the heaviest loads too often in it. IMHO.

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    Default Marlin 336 .44 mag, YES

    Wow, I just had a brain dead moment. There was a model 336 .44 mag, it was the first Marlin chambered for the .44 mag, I forget in what year. It might bring $50-75 dollars more depending on actual condition. I think the model 94 would be handier because of its smaller size, but they're both handy to have. Sorry bout that.

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    Default 336 not 1894

    My guess is from mid-200's on up to mid 300's and is like all things the item could get what ever the market could/would bear! Does that mean maybe more? I don't know!

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    Default 336

    I bought a Marlin 336 at one of last years gun shows. THe gun is a 30 30 though but it looked brand new the guy said " I dont think it has ever been shot" (alot of them say that) but it looked new I paid 275 for it.


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