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    Looking to go experience some beachcombing this year, looking to go to a remote area by plane, looking for advice on any good spots. Will be making the trip from fairbanks so whatever would be best from there.


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    Default which way ?

    Hey Brian...did you sell you bird and buy another?

    which way do you want to head.... se or sw.....

    as for se down below cordova, lots of fun, miles and miles of beach

    and ton of junk.. fuel weather always a factor..a few forest service strips and cabins.

    sw in may pretty good, weather sometimes tshirt days...again nice beaches, lots of junk possible walrus but after first of may lots of guide traffic as camps being set up as bear season open after first week this year I think. Fuel and weather again a consideration !

    Ive done them both and each has it's on good and flip a coin.

    Take care


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