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Thread: Members and non members GNAA banquet

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    Default Members and non members GNAA banquet

    This is open to all though non members are encouraged to join it's not required. I received an email and thought it might be appropriate here with the archers/bowhunters in the fbks area. If nothing else you have a shot at a couple of dang fine bows (of which I've never won.....yet LOL!)

    Anyways heres the email.

    The annual banquet will be held this coming Saturday March 29th. It will be held
    at the Curling Club at 1962 2nd Avenue. If you have trophies you want to display
    for the banquet, we will be setting up at the Curling Club at 1 PM that day. The
    doors will open at 6 PM with the dinner starting at 6:40 PM. The banquet is
    potluck. We always enjoy dishes that feature your game but please feel free to
    bring salads, deserts, bread, etc. Beverages will be available for purchase at the
    bar in the Curling Club.
    There will be election of officers. We will have door prizes and raffles. The
    raffles will include a Black Widow Bow, a compound bow package (Diamond Triumph by
    Bowtech) donated by Sportsman's Warehouse and a beautiful quilt made and donated by
    Jennifer Bidwell for the banquet. If anyone would like to donate door prizes,
    please give us a call or bring them to the banquet. Ticket for the raffles and
    door prizes will be available at the check in table. Raffle tickets will be $5
    each and the door prizes will be $1 each.
    If you have taken any small or large game and want to put in for the Keith Clemmons
    awards, call Tom Chadwick at 457-1054. Or contact George Pearson at 488-9236. (must be a member of current standings for this)
    If you have any questions, contact either one of us at 479-2430.
    Hope to see everyone there!

    Lamar Wood

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    Yeah well some of us are not welcome there, so have fun with that one.

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    oh blarney you're not welcomed! Heck I didnt go but felt it prudent to pass on the message.

    Gotta get around the rough edges of some and move on with the rest. Those gripers sure do sour the barrel though I hear ya there.

    How long till you leave? I'm outta here in 2 days for some longbeard madness.


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