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    The only thread I found on Clam Gulch was in Flyfishing. I 'bumped' the thread, and only realised afterwards it was in flyfishing.

    Anyways, I bought this 'flyfisher's guide to alaska' from the bookstore. Its awesome. (Thanks Dan) It recommends stopping on my way to Homer for clams.

    What is a minus tide? Can I clam at 'CLAM GULCH' in July?

    I spent a lot of time in Massachusetts and learnt how to make this amazing clam chowder.

    If I could put together clams from alaska, and a recipe from New England...

    Id rather not think of it or my brain might explode.

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    Here's the NOAA Predictions for Kenai and Ninilchik. They don't give predictions for Clam Gulch so you have to figure out the tide times by splitting the difference between Kenai and Ninilchik.
    Minus tides are the lowest of the low tides for the month.
    Just look through the tide tables and a low tide like July 1st -3.2 is a clamming tide. secstn=Ninilchik&thh=%2B0&thm=41&tlh=%2B1&tlm=4&hh =%2B1.2&hl=0.0&footnote=

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    Basically anything lower than -1 ft is fine for clamming, but lower than -2 and it starts to get really good. The clams have been on the small side the past two years, but there are still lots of them. Certainly a fun and muddy way to spend an afternoon.

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    Default Clam tides

    June 30 through July 7 will be your best tides; July 18-20 will be ok. Here is a link to the Clam Gulch Tide Table:


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