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Thread: Alliant "Steel"powder in pistol loads

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    Default Alliant "Steel"powder in pistol loads

    I finally got to try some of this powder in a .41 mag and .44 mag over the weekend. Since the burning rate is listed as between AA #9 and 2400 I started with the AA #9 starting loads.

    The powder is a fairly bulky flake powder but seemed to run though my powder measure O.K. AA #9 starting loads were almost a casefull and I didn't want to start with compressed loads not knowing anything about the characteristics.

    The powder seemed to do fine in each gun. The loads weren't dirty like Herco for example and seemed to be consistant and accurate. I didn't chrongraph the loads but judging from the recoil I wouls say they were moderate or hotterr compared to full magnum loads.

    Unless the chronograph shows something odd or the powder gets erratic with heavier loads I'm guite happy with it. It should fill a good nich for medium range loads and may work for heavier ones also.
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    That sounds like a powder that I could use a bunch of. I shoot mostly moderate loads in the big calibers and there are very few powders that burn cleanly and efficiently in magnum revolver cases. There are the slow "case full" powders or the "just a smidgen" powders and not so many mostly full, moderate range powders. I've used Blue Dot in the past but it doesn't work so well with the bigger cases and lately I've used Vihta 105, and it is a good powder but doesn't burn well if pressure drops too much for the light side of moderate loads. Good news, I'll have to check it out.
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    I've got just over 5 1# canisters of the stuff that I bought for loading 12 guage.


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