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Thread: Salcha Ri. Moose Float Hunt

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    Default Salcha Ri. Moose Float Hunt

    Hi and thanks in advance for any info.

    In '09 I'm looking on hunting moose with a friend from the Lower 48. It will be his dream hunt and I'm looking into different places to hunt. Has anyone floated the Salcha River?
    If you have how is the water as far as rapids and how far up is Goose Creek so I can stay in 20B for the harvest ticket?

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    The Salcha is an extremely busy and popular river for power boats. It would be one of the last places I would consider for a float hunt.

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    Default Salcha

    I floated the Salcha in 2006 for moose. You can check out some photos here:

    The airboats can get way up there, so it was pretty tough to compete with those guys. The jet boats were getting as far as the North Fork. The lower river has lots of cabins as well.

    We saw a small bull, but didn't get him. We also saw several other successful hunters, although no one seemed to get anything bigger than a small paddle horn. There's always the chance for a Fortymile caribou, too. We saw lots of sign, and even a couple successful hunters, but no caribou passed by us.

    Shoot me a PM if you need more details or need other ideas for Interior float hunts (I do a different one every year).


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    Forget the Salcha, there's lot of better places to float hunt in the interior.

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    Default Have to agree not the best option

    Rented a raft to two great people of TX last year. They wished to float the Salcha and were informed by many people that the river in quesiton may have to much boat traffic for the location they wish to hunt. The air service they used agreed to put them into a drop camp after they flew around and saw the amount of people utilzing the section they wish to float hunt on.

    Suggest you revise your river.

    Best Wishes

    Blue Moose

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    Default 20A

    Put in for a unit 20A permit and get across the Tanana River, lots of moose there, who knows, you might get lucky.

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    Thumbs down 20A?

    You mean there used to be alot of moose over there..................... not anymore.
    Be safe, and enjoy your time outdoors!
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    Default Salcha Ri. Moose Float Hunt

    Hey Thanks for all the info. Im going to have more questions regarding any decent places to hunt moose. So, you may see a few more threads from me. Thanks again.

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    There's F&G survey that estimated the number of moose in game management unit 20A at more than 15,000.
    So that's a good spot..if you access 20A via Rex Trail you'll increase your odds of success if you get off the beaten path


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