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Thread: Spring Bear Shoot

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    Talking Spring Bear Shoot

    Hey all you hunters and target archers, don't forget the Spring Bear Shoot 3D tournament in Wasilla The 26th and 27th of April. Fletchers Archery is the main Sponsor but we have tied in with the ASAA and The Valley Bowmen as well as the Ak Bowhunters Association to put on on of the funnest shoots of the year. Contact Scott or the Crew at Fletchers or ony of the locl shops for information. Come out and play

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    Default Location?

    Where is it being held? What's the start time?

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    It's held at the ASAA "college" range. The entrance is at the back of the parking lot of Mat-Su College on Trunk Road. For those coming from Anchorage...take the Glen Highway out of town, take the Parks towards Wasilla. The first exit will be Trunk Rd, go right onto Trunk. Follow Trunk road for a mile or two and look for the Mat-Su College sign on the right.

    This is a great shoot. It is a marked yardage "safari" type 3D shoot. The animals will also have an orange dot on them which is worth an additional point. Shots usually range from 6 feet to 100 yards at one of the big targets. Huge amounts of door prizes and tons of fun. It usually is the biggest shoot in the state every year.

    I believe they shoot usually starts at 9 am, but check with Fletchers to make sure.

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    I wish I was up north, if you have the time to go to this shoot then you need to, you will get your money's worth!! Doug, don't let Marcus and Harry abuse you to much

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    I missed the one last year. But I really enjoyed the one the year before. Hope that I can make the one this year. If you have never been to one go. It is real friendly bunch of people there. You don't have to be an expert target shooter or anything. It is a fun shoot.


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