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    I'm looking for someone experienced at inletting a gun stock blank. The gun is too old to buy a replacement and my first attempt to modify a Savage stock to fit it cost me $90 and was a complete disaster. I'm in the Anchorage area but would send the receiver out of State if needed. Thanks

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    My response will not answer your question, but here is an alternative. If you have the old stock of the modified savage, as long as it fits the gun, regardless of what it looks like, there are people who will turn wood to fit. There is a place in Polson, MT that specializes in shotgun stocks; they have turned some wood for me. They do a reasonable job but an not cheap. There is also a place in Northern MN that I also got some work from, Willig, I think was the name. PM me if you want additional info and I will dig through the files. You could also get a copy of Rifle mag.; I know many people with wood and turning advertise there. Good luck. J.


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