I finally made it to the range to try out and sight in my new 375 Ruger African, and I must say that I am very happy with the rifle. Since there was so much controversy about the stock, I went ahead and glass bedded the action and full floated the barrel before even firing the first shot. I only fired 8 rounds before I was confident in the rifle and the kick was more of a heavy push than the jolt you get from the 300 mags and 338 mags that I have fired in the past; over all a very pleasant big bore to shoot. I shot Hornady 270 gr factory loads and each 2 round shot, grouped at about 1 inch or a little less at 100yd. By no means a tack driver but I doubt that I'll be shooting at anything over 200yd, so I am happy with that performance, and of course it is from a green barrel so groups will probably get better as the barrel seasons. At least that has been my experience with all my other rifles. I believe that Ruger finally got it right with the Hawkeye rifles, I've owned 2 other mod77s and got rid of both because I thaought they were junk, couldn't group under 1 1/2 no matter what and the triggers were sloppy and heavy; this is definately not the case with the Hawkeye, nice and crisp trigger at about 4 lbs and good groups. Good Job Strum Ruger in finally making a rifle that compares to the quality of your hand-guns.