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Thread: Frogg Toggs ?

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    Default Frogg Toggs ?

    Does anyone have any experience with Frogg Toggs in a Hunting/Hiking situation ? I know everyone swears by the HH Impertech but I am just wondering.

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    I know these have been talked about extensively in some previous threads I have read. Probably forum search would get you the info you seek. I think they covered it heavily and it boiled down to good choice depending on your use of them. Impertech more durable, but if sitting Frogg Toggs good choice when getting them trashed isn't a concern, both ARE more WATERPROOF than any gortex. The historical debates have weighed pros and cons of hiking in rain gear etc...


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    Default Back packing

    They are great and light for back packing, not a tough commericial fishing gear type, but it has its place.


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    I read quite a bit on them in this forum and others. It seemed the consensus from here was, "don't waste your money," but other places liked them. Most of the skeptics around here had not actually tried them though. Some people didn't think they would be water proof enough, and others didn't think they would be durable enough.

    So I bought a set and used it last year.

    From an honest to goodness users point of view I will say that they have never leaked or gotten me wet at all. But I have not sat for days in pouring down rain with them either, so the jury is still out on that one for me.

    But after sitting around in them for days in windy and sometimes wet weather, I did find that they are not at all a durable product. The "almost imaginary" lining has separated from the outer skin of the jacket, and has torn in several places, but it still keeps me dry. The pants have ripped out at the crotch, and are worthless to me now.

    Personally, I won't buy another set to replace these. However I do think they have a place for ultralight backpackers that will only use them occasionally. They are not only light but cut baggy enough to go over just about anything, and they are not at all restrictive to movement. They also breath better than any waterproof fabric I have ever worn. At very windy times you could sit down and feel a slight breeze coming through them. Typically of all breathable fabrics though, they don't breath when completely wet, so you can sweat in them when it's raining hard.


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