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    I have a 16 foot mad river explorer. I want to outfit it with a spray skirt or deck it, so I float some whitewater on a expedition. I have never done it, so I'm looking for advice, good place to start. The canoe hull is triple tough (poly laminate), so I can drill it easily if required for tie downs.

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    Default decking

    in looking around I find Mad river has some decking ideas for their canoe brands. I also see that they have some floatation bags that fit their canoes.
    here are a few of the decking ideas they have
    Mad river has a modular system that attaches to the gunwales. this makes for a secure fit without having to drill or attach rings etc to your canoe.
    look at the mad river site and search through the accessories.
    or just link here
    IQ Sprayshield - Tandem - 62-00190Mounted on the bow or stern, the Spray Shield deflects and diverts spray, sheds rain, and provides shade for the legs when the sun beats down. Stayed design keeps sprayshield from sagging. Side zipper makes installation or removal and access to gear easy and fast.

    Color: Black
    Dimentions (in): 33 x 36
    Dimentions (cm): 84 x 91

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    Default Madriver IQ System

    IQ System is only available on Royalex or Kevlar hulls, not on their Triple Tough which is what I have. Madriver tailors alot of their cooler accessories to the IQ system unfortunately.


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