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Thread: Saltwater and inboard jet

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    Default Saltwater and inboard jet

    How corrosive is saltwater to the internals of an inboard jet? Do you need to flush out the saltwater with fresh water? Any good methods for doing this?

    I'm curious what to do when I come back from Seward or Homer. Whether to find some fresh water to run the boat in, flush it out with a hose later, or just don't worry about it.


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    Default Freshwater flush

    I own an inboard jet and use it frequently in the sound. On the way home from each trip I back the trailer into a local lake and start up the engine and run for about 5 minutes.
    Its easy and you don't have to load or unload. When at home washing boat, I open up valve to sand trap glass and use hose to force water in and let drain a couple of times.
    I think these proceedures are very important

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    i run my inboard jet in the ound all the time. there is a small lake you can dip your boat into on the way out from the tunnel. maybe three miles from the seward highway on the right headed away from the tunnel. not sure about from seward. from homer i pulled into the launch in cooper landing the kenai river and let her run for about ten minutes. this is very important if you plan on getting many hours out of your motor. also change out your zincs as needed.

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    Default Flushing

    There is Trail lake at Moose Pass, which has a very nice launch area that I have used. Just past MOsse Pass, coming out of Seward.
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    Same here, when I return from Valdez with mine I back into Summit Lake and leave it on the trailer and just run it at a fast idle for a few minutes. I also have a wash down hose coming off the jet unit which I use to wash down the first layer of brine off my boat.


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