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Thread: Chest Waders - Wher to carry binocs, ammo

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    Default Chest Waders - Wher to carry binocs, ammo

    I am going on a Brown Bear boat hunt in May in SE Alaska. At the outfitters' request, I have purchased chest waders. Wearing these is quite an experience!

    I normally use binocular chest straps and an ammo belt when hunting in Africa but these do not seem suited for chest waders.

    What do you do?

    Thank you

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    Wear your bino strap over your chest waders.

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    Default carrying ammunition with waders

    You could wear your ammunition belt over your waders; there are some safety reasons for wearing a belt over waders anyway.

    Don't know what your belt looks like, but if it shows the bullet tips or cartridge casings, you might consider switching over to the Uncle Mike's folding ammunition holders. They protect bullet tips and keep your cartridge casings from showing glare if the light is wrong. If you don't want to wear the belt, you can carry the ammunition carriers in the front pocket found on most chest waders. That's usually what I do.

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    Default ammo and bino

    I personally wear an ammo belt while im waterfowl hunting over my chest waders. I have never had a bullet fail to fire because of water. That way if, when, I fall the belt kinda helps keep the water out below my waist.

    I also wear my binos on a chest strap over my waders and just tuck the binos into the top of my waders to help shield them from water. Just be careful if you sweat a lot cause I bet you could fog up the binos tucked inside of the waders.


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