I have a 16.5 foot Ally pack canoe that I have used on three float trips. We did two lower Noatak tribs in NW Alaska and this past Sept floated the Goodnews in SW. Just wanted to post a thread to see who else was using Ally pack canoes. In case you are not familiar, they are made in Norway and are the original pack canoe. Mine fits in a large backpack, is 16.5 ft long, hold over 800 lbs, and weighs only 45 lbs. It flies as regular checked luggage on commercial flights and fits nicely in the back of the smallest bush plane. Great for remote trips. We have 120 miles on ours and I can say that they are absolutely incredible. Only takes about 20 minutes to put together. I will attach a link below to our Ally's in action. Anyone else using an Ally? I would love to hear where you have taken yours. We are floating the Wulik River in NW Alaska this Sept, but always planning the next trip. When the below link opens, click "view slideshow" in the upper side.


Below is a link to the Ally site with pics and information about the canoes...