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    looking at spring bear out of nome can anyone tell me if they have hunted there and bear populations thanks

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    I lived in Nome for 9 months in 2006. I did not see many bears at all. The few I saw were near Council about 60 miles south of Nome. Biggest was a blondie at maybe 7 ft. I have heard of some bear hunting in White Mountain which is south of Nome. There is an outfit there, but I can't remember the name. My experience is limited, but I was out 60 miles in three directions from Nome on my four wheeler fishing most the summer/fall and never saw many bears.
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    A good way to answer your question is to call the F&G office here. Get harvests stats for the area. Unit 22, which Nome is in, has a pretty high yearly other words, there are a fair number of bears out here. You can also get green measurement records from F&G, I think. Those records will show you that there are B&C bears killed in unit 22 every year. Griz bears that is, not coastal brownies. I'd say there are a couple B&C size bears taken every spring, but usually by guys that don't get them measured beyond the green score F&G takes.
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