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Thread: Bear Baiting Question/Idea?

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    Question Bear Baiting Question/Idea?

    A friend of mine told me about an idea he had a couple of years ago and I was wondering if any of you have tried it. His idea was to build a platform or put a pallet in a tree fork and put his bait off the ground 10+ feet or so to try to keep the Brown Bears out of his baits because they kept destroying his bait areas. I was considering doing it this year because last year I had brown bear fest at my bait, I usually have more than enough black bears where I bait but last year I had 3 different brown bear sows with 1,2 and 3 cubs working my bait and eating everything including the stumps and dirt at my bait. I had black bears there but no bait to keep them coming night after night. I tried not baiting for 2 weeks so the brown bears would move on but they came right back as soon as I put bait back. I'm going to use a beer keg this year(I've watched brown bears smash barrels flat) I used to put my bait in a hollow stump but the brown bears ate the stump last year too. I also know brown bears can climb trees (I saw it first hand last year!) but was hoping they would lose interest and not bother to climb the tree and look for an easier meal. I use dog food and syrup and sometimes a few day old pastries to bait with. Any ideas would be great I enjoy taking my kids out to watch/hunt my bait and watch 5-6 different black bears everynight not 5-6 brown bears everynight.

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    My buddy tried something similiar up devels pass years ago, except he would hang his extra bait below his stand instead of carrying it in every time. Guess how that worked for him? Those bears tore his stuff up, including the stand.

    It was actually comical. Not saying it wouldnt work, it just didnt for him.


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