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Thread: SUBJECT: Archery / Primitive Archer Magazine

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    Talking SUBJECT: Archery / Primitive Archer Magazine

    Back in 1979 I had my very first taste of archery... Throughout my childhood I have always enjoyed rockhounding/finding authentic primitive arrow/spearheads.

    Just thought I would share with those who are interested a site I happened across on-line on the subject matter described.

    My husband also has a catalog from

    which my family & I greatly enjoy.

    Other than that, have a beautiful day!



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    Another few you may wish to include.

    Traditional bowhunter magazine.

    And the bowyers journal magazine.

    For suppliers dont leave out

    The footed shaft

    and Kustom King

    I deal mostly with 3 rivers and Lamont at the footed shaft, KK also has some good stuff however and the Cosgroves are easy and great people to work with.

    I also have all the back issues for all the magazines listed above (my post and yours). If you can find them it'd be money well spent.

    There is one other set of 4 magazines that if you're interested in them I'll pass the info to you. If not dont bother looking for them, they are awfully exspensive and extremely hard to find. My set went for 200 bucks I've seen them go as high as 5bills for FOUR magazines.


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