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Thread: I am planning a trip, where to start...

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    Question I am planning a trip, where to start...

    Hello everybody; I am a newbie here on this forum, so have some patience with me and my many typos... I am from Belgium and I have booked an airplane to Alaska, departure 15 may, retour 15 july. I wish to get informed as much as possible, because I plan to do a lot of hiking. But of course I would like to do this in a responsible way...

    OK people, to make matters short. Where should I start

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    A suggestion, you might also post your request in the General Discussion thread.

    Good Luck!

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    Default What a question...

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of knowledgable folks here and I am sure you will find the forum to be a valuable resource. I am from North Carolina (east coast) but have lived in NW Alaska (Kotzebue and Nome) for two years. My wife and I are travel nurses and were up there working. We fell in love with Alaska and go back a time or two each year. We float rivers in our Ally pack canoe. We have a bush plane fly us into a remote area and float/fly fish for about 10-14 days and have the plane pick us up at a predetermined spot. A float trip is the ultimate way to see the "real" Alaska. But hiking would certainly be a way to see it too. I can mention off the top of my head a few placed you can start your search. One is the Chugach Mountains near Anchorage. Tons of places you can hike there. Some more remote than others, but more people in this part of the state than most. More remote would be Wrangel St Elias. I may have mispelled it. It has the largest peaks in Alaska and is a HUGE area. You should research that area some if you want an "epic" hike. Another area that comes to mind is up in the Arctic. ANWR (Alaska National Wildlife Refuge) is a 19 million acre park! Wonderful place and tons of places to see there. Caribou is a big draw there. 130,000 of them. A top place I would like to see if I were hiking is Gates of the Arctic park. The Arrigetch Peaks there are a big draw and you can arrange for a bush plane to take you there, drop you off, and pick you up in a week or so later. Here is a link for some insights. I am not suggesting you take a guided trip, but the websites of the guides will give you lots of information. If going to Gates of the Arctic you would fly from Anchorage to Fairbanks, then from Fairbanks to Bettles. Bettles is a tiny town that has bush planes that service northern Alaska. Bettles Lodge is the business in Bettles you would contact if you wanted a bush flight in that area. They could take you to Gates of the Arctic or ANWR and come back and pick you up. Hiring a bush plane is the best way to get away from everyone. On our float trips in arctic NW Alaska, we never see another person. Not even a sign of another person for that matter. The bush planes get you to remote areas. The solitude that can be found in Alaska is amazing. But a bush plane is usually required to get to those areas. There are several books about hiking Alaska. I suggest you get a couple and read up on the many opportunities that Alaska has. The few I have mentioned are my top choices, but there are certainly many others. Also, here on the Outdoorsdirectory, there is a "Hiking" forum. Be sure to post this question there. You will get lots of information if you post on that part of the forum. Go to Barnes and Noble website and Amazon and search for Alaska Hiking. You will find lots of books on the subject that should help you out considerably. Any questions I can help you with, email me at I would be happy to help in any way that I can. Alaska is an amazing place. Plan ahead and you will be rewarded with the trip of a lifetime!
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